About Shule

Shule is one of Best Pre-primary Primary and Secondary Schools in the region.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.
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Shule v1.1 was founded in 2014, by PIGOCO PVC , as part of a programme to establish centres of academic excellence in Kenya. Since inception, Shule has emphasised the highest standards in intellectual growth, in the development of social and moral values, by preparing students for international university education and future careers.

Shule is a three tier institution; the Early Childhood Education(ECD)/Junior School (Playgroup to Year 6); Elementary/Primary School and the Secondary/Senior School. These schools are situated in close proximity within the Central Business District.

School Motto: Striving for Excellence and Honour

Well trained and specially selected tutors adopting interactive learning programs designed to enrich learners skills and knowledge.

We have and continually invest in the acquisition of the best and vogue learning materials.

We have a customized curricular that trains the whole-person. On exit from class learners are equipped with soft skills and a pragmatic approach to life.

Mission, Vision & Educational Aims

Vision: To be the ultimate choice academic institution for all elementary/primary and high school education. An epitome of excellent academic standards and skilled professional graduands.

Mission:: Value and celebrate diversity, nurturing personal growth by providing a friendly and adjutant environment. Early years, primary and secondary students develop the skills, attitudes and awareness necessary to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Educational Aims: Our core aims in Shule is to empower students to respond successfully to future challenges for a rapidly changing world. Holistic preparation for these challenges, we strive to develop students of character