Shule Prospective Parents

Dear Prospective Parents
Choosing a new school is a big decision and we want to ensure that you have all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. This page is designed as a concise guide map to help you understand what we believe is useful information for our prospective families

Please feel free to explore other areas of our site, such as Know Us and Admissions, which are filled with useful information about our school and how our vision has developed. Whenever possible, we encourage prospective families to visit the school in person for a tour and an informal interview. Prospective students are always welcome to spend a day or two sitting in on classes. Please let us know if you would like to visit the school prior to enrollment and we’ll gladly arrange a time to meet.

 What are the criteria that lead to a successful admission?

Shule admits students whose academic and personal needs can be met by
the programs and student support services available at the time of admission.
While we aim for inclusiveness in our admissions decisions, we reserve the
right to refuse admission to students whom we determine will not benefit educationally from attending Shule. To this effect, careful consideration is exercised before admitting students with special needs as well.

Successful Placement and Registration

Placement and registration is complete after the following has occurred:

  • The application has been received along with all required documentation
  • The application is reviewed and approved by the Head of Admissions
  • Registration fees and deposit are paid in full.
  • Parents receive a formal acceptance letter from Admissions to confirm the successful placement and registration of their child(ren)

An application review will only commence after a complete application is submitted in person, by post, via email or a Submit Online Application Form. The student must also complete our school’s assessment prior to a confirmed acceptance. Applicants not enrolled due to lack of space will be placed on a waiting list. These waiting lists may be formed as early as September for the Preceding academic year.