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Welcome Parent/Guardian Now that you have your son(s) or daughter(s) enrolled in Shule we welcome you to the Shule community. This section is an Interactive online portal enabling Parents With Active Shule Online Accounts to view and access the Academic and Co-curricular progress of your daughter(s) or son(s).
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Students Progress Benchmarks At A Glance

How progress and achievement is assessed:

This includes teachers setting learning goals with students; students evaluating their own progress then teachers giving feedback on how they are doing and what they need to do next.

Planning: Based on what students/pupils already knows and can do, the teacher plans and sets learning goals

Sharing learning goals and setting success criterion: The teacher shares the learning goals with the student and asks them to help set criteria so that they�ll know when they have achieved those goals.

Self-evaluation: Students are asked to review how well they've done, giving them time to think about what they've learnt. Research shows that if self-evaluation is linked with the learning goals, improvements in the students' progress, persistence and self-esteem is eminent.

Feedback: Rather than only marking a student's work with a score, the teacher also provides feedback from the assessments which relates directly to the learning goal.

Written Assements: Daily Assignments, Weekly Research Essays and Monthly Continous Asssesment Tests (CATs)

Inter School Mocks: Challenge Examinations across several schools in the region.

National Examinations: KCPE; KCSE, GCSE and International Examinations.