Shule Co-Curricular Programs

Fostering Creativity and Innovation through Sports, Gift and Talents, Arts Program as well as Visual arts

Our school Sports program promotes enjoyment of inter-scholastic competition and works in conjunction with our school’s mission to provide an exemplary, well-rounded education. The sport program emphasizes development of high-level, competitive skills and strategies, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and school spirit. Sport involvement helps students to grow emotionally, mentally, and physically while instilling the self-confidence, cooperative spirit, and work ethic needed to succeed in all facets of life.

We offer an elite coaching staff, fantastic facilities and the opportunity for athletes to experience a world-class program.

Shule Best Website for Primary Schools in Kenya by Inspimate
Shule Best Website for Primary Schools in Kenya by Inspimate
  Gift & Talents

Gifted and Talented Education services are available to all our students. Multiple criteria are reviewed to identify students who need high-end services within an authentic curriculum of rigorous performance expectations. A student’s budding talent must be matched with carefully-selected services designed to develop that talent. These services include inquiry learning, advanced problem-solving, enrichment clusters, acceleration within the discipline of a student’s particular strength, mentorships with highly-reputable authorities, in-depth seminars, and debates, among others.

Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual whereas Innovation is the implementation of something new. These two work in tandem with Invention as the creation of something that has never been made before and is recognized as the product of some unique insight.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation through Education:
This module enable students to have a deeper understanding of creativity and innovation theory and a greater sense of how such theories can be employed in practice to foster learning and career development.

Specifically, through this course students will:

  • Critically examine and explore a range of creativity and innovation theories.
  • Review and discuss a variety of multi-media case studies illustrating real-world learning environments that pursue creativity and innovation as primary outcomes.