Shule Resources and Facilities

We take great pride in the appearance of our School and developing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of our students. Laboratories, Classrooms, Media Center, Arts Studio, Sports Facilties, Dining Halls
  Technology & ICT Labs

Shule has 3 well equipped ICT labs, connected to the Internet by a LAN and a  high speed Wi-Fi, Internet and cloud storage compliments our Notebook Computer Program, and provides students with access to the latest software, in flexible learning spaces with onsite technical support.

  Science Laboratories

Our laboratories provide an inspiring environment for budding scientists. We are fortunate to be able to continually update equipment and supplies to ensure our students are given every opportunity to pursue their scientific interests.

  Modern Classrooms

Our spacious classrooms and modern furniture ensure a comfortable learning environment for students. Interactive whiteboards and data projector facilities are a feature of many rooms. Enhancements and new technology for our classrooms are always being made.

  Library / Media Centre

Our school library media centre ensures that all members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information. The Shule’s school library media centre uses all types of media that are automated, and utilizes the Internet as well as E-books for information gathering.

  Performing Arts Studio

Catering to all musical tastes and skills and dramatic aspirations, the School’s Music and Drama programs offer every student an abundance of opportunities, whatever her area of interest. Each year our students make us proud as they perform in a varied and entertaining line-up of musical and dramatic performances

  Dining Service & Nutrition:

We provide our students with organic food and well-balanced menus; prepared in our hygienic kitchens by our experienced and competent matrons,chefs and cooks. The students eat the fruits and vegetables that are meticulously selected from highly appreciated farmers.

  Sports Facilties:

Sports and exercise are an integral part of the school day. Our school provides for the students social sport clubs and special teams. Students have the chance of practicing their sportive skills in multi-purpose courts, grass playing fields, a well-equipped gymnasium and hall for all sports support the already strong well-being program within our curriculum.